Commercial Parking lots are busy and have many components to be maintained, including floor, guiding lines, stoppers, fire alarm system, and electrical system. So, for proper upkeep, regular maintenance of parking is a must.

  1. We offer a full spectrum of services required to maintain your parking lot. Our services include pressure washing, wheel stoppers, installing speed bumps and speed humps, striping/restriping, bollards supply and installation, parking signs supply and installation, asphalt paving, overlay-patching, seal coating, and concrete sidewalks building.

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Which Paints are used in parking lots?

Yes, paving asphalt over concrete is possible and doesn’t affect the floor’s durability.

Each project has different requirements, so each project takes a different time to complete. If you want to know specifically about your project, please fill out the form and get a free estimate.

To maintain our service’s quality and deliver flawless results to the clients, we only hire certified professionals.